Revenue Cycle Management Services

Our RCM Services achieve both higher quality and lower costs than traditional BPOs by leveraging Vericle software for better:

  • Both clients and staff use the same software. No distractions on other software

  • Most effective training shared across all support and RCM staff​
  • Management is not concerned about or distracted by sales

  • Uniform Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

  • Centralized Quality Control 

  • Better automation with dedicated software development resources

  • “Network Effect” where improvement ideas by any user are implemented centrally in the software, instantly benefitting both the clients and the RCM service providers

Services Offered​

Patient insurance eligibility verification  
Verifying claim capture information 
Generate insurance claims
Upload claims in Clearing House
Use of appropriate place of service, modifiers
Correct Coding Initiative edits, 
Apply mutually exclusive edits and Local Medical Review policy edits 
Correct and resubmit claim rejections
Post Payments
Apply Copay/Patient Payment  
Apply Insurance Payments
Claim follow up 
Action on Accounts Receivable Follow up
EOB Rejections